The Best Motorcycle Seat Cushions for Long Rides

long motorcycle ride

Like any motorcycle enthusiast, you probably love nothing better than taking to the road for an especially long ride. Only one thing can get between you and a fantastic time; a sore butt. Unfortunately, in many cases, the pain isn’t restricted to your butt. It can also radiate upward to cause low back pain. Before too long, you’re counting down the miles until you arrive at your destination. What’s the fun in that? The right motorcycle seat cushion can alleviate and prevent pain and soreness so that you can enjoy every last minute of your ride.

Popular Options

While shopping for a motorcycle seat cushion, you’ll quickly see that there are two popular options: memory foam and gel. On the face of things, both options seem reasonable and effective. Memory foam is wildly popular and used in everything from slippers to mattress’s. Gel inserts are also used in many products. Because both materials are so widely used in the world of motorcycle seat cushions, it’s easy to assume that they are the only two options. That’s not the case, and that’s a good thing.

Materials like memory foam and gel have plenty of advantages, but both fall short when it comes to keeping you comfortable during a long motorcycle ride. Ever see a memory foam mattress? There’s a reason they’re about six inches thick. A ½” just won’t do it. When you initially sit on a memory foam pad, it feels reassuringly soft and comfortable. The same can be said for a memory foam and gel combination. It’s after a couple of hours that the butt buffer difference excels.

The Butt Buffer: A Spectacular Alternative

If you’ve ever used a motorcycle seat cushion made of gel or memory foam, you’ve probably been disappointed. The good news is that there’s another option, and it makes a lot more sense. The Butt Buffer is a seat cushion that’s made out of a unique, dry polymer. It’s the same material that’s used in the medical industry to prevent bedsores and eliminate pressure points, so it’s especially good at keeping you comfortable on those long rides. Unlike memory foam and gel products, it doesn’t compress all the way, so there’s always a shock-absorbing buffer zone between your butt and the seat. And unlike gel seat cushions, the Butt Buffer won’t leak if punctured.

No matter how far you’re going to ride or how long you’ll be on your bike, the Butt Buffer will keep you comfortable. Instead of focusing on the pain in your butt or lower back, you’ll be able to focus on the enjoyment of being on your bike for hours. It should come as no surprise that the Butt Buffer has been keeping riders comfortable for almost twenty years. If you’re ready to start enjoying long rides for the first time, purchase your Butt Buffer motorcycle seat cushion today.

Ready for the ride of your life?

Try a Butt Buffer

3 thoughts on “The Best Motorcycle Seat Cushions for Long Rides

  1. Haven’t had a problem as yet using a butt buffer pad, but did just have a l4-l5 fusion because of a back problem i didn’t know i had. I was having the leg numbness walking. Never riding…..
    I do wish butt buffer offered a double thick cushion tho. I ended up buying 2 seat cushions to get the extra padding i will need come june when riding the Ninja again come spring. Road here are horrid, so a full inch of polymer will be better then the 1/2 inch one cushion provides. U guys n gals with leg tingling get ur backs checked…..U may have more inportant issues going on with ur backs.

  2. HI. I am interested in purchasing a motorcycle seat pad. My main reason is because I have a bad lower back and need something to take the brunt of all the forces while I ride. How good is the butt buffer at absorbing the shocks and bumps? Also, are all the models the same effectiviness? Or are there models that absorb the shocks better than others? Thanks

  3. Not only will the Butt Buffer absorb shock and bumps, it will also dampen the vibration associated with some bikes.
    While different covers are available, it’s what’s on the inside that makes a difference in your ride. Either our original polymer or the new, pebble polymer will dramatically improve the quality of your ride.
    The difference between the two is the “pebbled” surface vs the flat, original polymer. The idea behind the pebble effect is when you’re sitting on it, there’s less surface contact. Less contact equals less friction equals more comfort.

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